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e-junkie REVIEW

e-junkie is the cheapest way to sell online because they only collect a very low fee of $5 per month, they don't get commissions on your every sales, they host your files for you so you and they send your thank you emails for you with their own secure download links. You can customize everything on your admin area. It only takes you 5 dollars a month to sell any of your products online. Different payment option for clients are available so sit back and relax while you send your digital or any products you ship yourself. Your payment is send via paypal and if you want to sell your products via affiliates then leave to e-junkie. It's what they do. Check it their great services and what they can offer you now. E-JUNKIE


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It can be very tricky to edit a wordpress theme if you don't have any idea how to code html or css. Wordpress theme is very complicated and you won't be able to customize it if you don't have any background in coding html or css but there is a way to customize the logo or image layout around your wordpress theme. The easiest way to do this is to make changes directly to the file in which the image or logo is saved. You have to name the file exactly as it was name before and make sure that the size of the image is compatible or exactly the same as the original one. You only have to change the image and not to rename the file that was originally created. Locate all the images that you want to change and make sure to edit your image in photoshop to make sure that it is exactly the same in size as the original one so that you won't have any problem with your theme being not compatible with the image size. This is the easiest way to change the logo or image header but if you are an experience coder then you can customize everything the way you want it because you can access and edit the codes on the different files that are created.


Monday, November 30, 2009


When we write our blog articles, we usually do it on microsoft word because we can customize how it looks so that we can easily read what we write. Notepad isn't that great looking because the text are just plain in size and looks and for some people who have visual impairement, that is a great problem to them. The reason that people avoid using microsoft word despite the benefit of customization is that it post a problem to the writer when it's time to upload the articles that were written. When you copy or upload the articles directly from microsoft word, it would create lots of unnecessary codes on your html editor. Sometimes this would result to errors and you won't be able to read the file correctly when viewed. There is a solutions to this, if you still want to use microsoft word in writing your articles then just do it. The trick in overcomming problems later is that before you copy the files to your html editor or to your blog platform, you have to copy the files files first to notepad. After copying the texts to your notepad then highlight the texts on your notepad then click copy. Now you are ready to paste it to your html editor. If you try to check your html file after you copy paste, you will notice that it is clean and there would be no unwanted codes that appears in there.



NAMECHEAP WEBSITE is definitely the place to buy a domain name. They offer live sales and technical support. You don't have to worry about dealing with technical problems yourself because you can ask for a live support anytime you want. They offer great services such as web hosting, domain registering, ssl certificate, etc. Their technical support team are really friendly and competent so every time you encounter problems you won't hesitate to contact them.


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IXWEBHOSTING is one of the best webhosting out there that provides great services and cheap price. They have 24/7 online technical or sales support. My experience with them is great and I really like the 24/7 online support that they offer. They help you with technical stuff or just about anything that you want help with. Technical staff are really courteous and helpful. Their hosting services are one of a kind in which they offer great cpanel and various functionalities. Server is fast and you can't beat the price. Price is very affordable.


meggalist site review

Beware of joining this site

Just received an email from steve ray smith promoting this site which has similarities with ad-ventures4u in which he stopped sharing revenues with his pro members. If he owns the new meggalist site then it's likely that he wants to gain more money from new members that would join.. he would then use members money to give back revenues on intervals. How could he do this when he hasn't yet returned money invested by ad-ventures4u pro members. A lot of members hasn't profited on the site and lots of them haven't yet received even the money that they invested on that site. It's up to you if you decide to join on this new site but I don't recommend it maybe you would earn at first but those people who'd be late to join would be very disappointed with it later im sure of it.

This is the email that steve ray smith sent to his members...

What's Under The Hood....

Meggalist is a listbuilding / advertising based company. Our goal when designing the site was to offer clients the ability to choose. Choose what you can afford, or not afford. Pay to stay aboard, or to leave when you can't afford. Sit back, or take part. You are given the opportunity to purchase positions, in one or all, of the corresponding revenue sharing opportunities listed below. With that purchase includes advertising credits to be allocated to virtually any type of advertising that we offer.

Members are currently allowed to purchase up to a total of 20 positions in each line. You may also purchase 20 positions from each and every line if you so choose. After your sign up, you will be given the opportunity to view the complete details for each revenue sharing opportunity, along with the affiliate payout, which increases in each line. I strongly urge that you set aside the time to view the fantastic offers of each line to better suit your personal and financial needs.

When you purchase an advertising position, other member positions will revenue share, each position receiving a commission based upon the criteria listed below, matching the line that you buy into. Since the sharing process is 10 times faster than purchasing, this same process will continue to accelerate as more and more positions are purchased. Therefore, member positions will continue to share over and over again, as long as advertising is being purchased. Each position earning up to 200% cap. As a member, you will be able to withdraw your earnings, re-purchase more advertising, or both.

The credits you allocate to your website, banner, text ad or all three, will be placed on our "ad rotations" list. Your ad choice distributions will then be effectively displayed to our members, such as the ones you see on both sides of this page. Every time you purchase a position, your referrer, or you, if you are the referrer, will earn commission based upon the line that you bought into, on a recurring basis, each time they or you buy into a revenue share.

Not only do we turn the power of choice to you, we also sell some of the best products for aspiring marketers such as yourself. 99% of the products on our "products page" come with resell, or master resell rights. What that means, is that you can purchase products for yourself, and turn around and sell them for whatever you decide to charge. Or, you can just direct other clients to that page and enjoy sharing in the revenue that comes from the sales of those products. The choice is yours.

You will be receiving everything that you have read above, and what you are about to see below. All of this without paying outrageous fees, that can be paid through other forms of advertising, and do not even come close to what we are offering you. Not only today, but light years into the future.

****for all I know this is just another scam site***

This is an update as of december 8, 2009

Steve ray smith claims he knew the owner or creator of site and he claims the he earned a lot from site, in fact he mentioned it on his last email..

This is his email:
We are promoting in Newspapers, mags, online and our first TV commerials is being made for We are excited because we have a very small budget but we are still earning for all the pro members and advertising. If you have gold or precious metals maybe in jewerly or other forms then request a packet at and we will appraise your items and give you the very best price in the industry.

One other way we are earning other income is at here is our earning is a week and two days. Total Profits Earned: $9275.14
Life Time Spots: $7070.00

We have been paid to our payment processor,

1 $120.00 $0.00 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 Paid
2 $500.00 $0.00 2009-12-02 2009-12-03 Paid
3 $500.00 $0.00 2009-12-01 2009-12-01 Paid
4 $400.00 $0.00 2009-11-30 2009-12-01 Paid
5 $600.00 $0.00 2009-11-29 2009-12-01 Paid
6 $100.00 $0.00 2009-11-28 2009-11-29 Paid
7 $100.00 $0.00 2009-11-28 2009-11-29 Paid
8 $100.00 $0.00 2009-11-27 2009-11-29

Results of course very but it is very passive and you do not have to recruit. So if you would like to buy some great advertising you can at or you can at

Remember we share 85% OF OUR REVENUE BACK to our members as long as the surf there 15 sites per day. Thanks Steve

We guarentee no income, you are purchasing advertising and results may vary.


I almost forgot, he actually never stopped sharing revenues in fact he sent me one (1) dollar after months of waiting for his promise to pay or share revenues. Sad thing is that he always ask us to surf ad-ventures4u site daily to earn revenues. WHAT A JOKE! THAT GUY IS REALLY SOMETHING! (SCAMMER!). I've never gotten back even 25% of my own money which i put in that program and now he is using his email list to promote site which is almost the same with his own site. I think he really knows the owner of meggalist site which he is now promoting, it might be his son or some relatives.


steve ray smith of ad-ventures4u is becoming a nuisance this days!

Steve Ray Smith, owner of site is becoming a nuisance. This is because he keeps delaying to share revenues with the site to his members. He would always send multiple emails that contains false promises and annoying advertisements about his new site He would always say that he would share revenues with the new site but it has been so long since he began saying that and until now members hasn't received anything from him. He would always say that members should continue to surf daily to be able to share revenues. Lots of members still surf because they want their money back. Before steve ray smith of ad-ventures4u suddenly stopped revenues, he had been assuring members that the ad-ventures4u is doing well and that pro members will continue sharing revenues but in just a blink of an eye when lots of members upgraded and invested money with that site, Steve ray smith suddenly stopped sharing claiming that he and his family had been receiving threats..but he established a new site and he is using his members at to advertise the new site with a promise that he would share revenues. He call it revenues? but truth is that he would just be returning the money of the members on intervals...if ever he fulfill his promise to share revenues.. It's so difficult to label as one of those scammers online but if you read his annoying emails I think you can't help but think that he is one of them! (SCAMMER) and he's a genious on disguising it!

There is a new site which he promotes..just like the ad-ventures4u. Beware of it


Thursday, September 17, 2009


After one month of blogging into this free blogger platform, I decided to take blogging seriously now. It's really fun to explore and learn how to make a blog visible to readers. I never spend so much time to this blog since I have a full time job. I work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and so I am left with very little time posting and updating my blog. I never had the time to promote but I'm really amazed that there are few who stumble to this blog. It came to me that if I spend more time blogging and promoting my site, I could drive people to atleast open this blog.

I blogged for more than a month now but I never took this seriously. I feel that if im going to be serious about blogging, then I better start getting a hosting account and domain name. I happen to know how to design a website and I also know how to install wordpress and other scripts so I think it will be very easy for me. Problem is finding the time to do it. I can't very well get a day off from my job, but I will consider working on a blog for about 2 hours or more per day. For now, I just want to share my situation and how I'm going to overcome difficulties creating and managing a new blog. I will post it in here when I am able to create my very new website. I'm going to maintain this blog on this blogger platform and continuesly post here.

If you have any comments and advice that you want to share, you're welcome to post it in here or you can email me. I appreciate people who give good advices and motivation to others.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This program is introduced by John Jonas who currently makes 6 figures income just by outsourcing his job in the Philippines. He has hired full time employees in the Philippines to monitor his online business. He testified that he got quality services in exchange for a reasonable amount that he use to compensate his Filipino workers. I believe him when he said that Filipinos are hardworking and very loyal, that is indeed true. I'm not saying this because I'm from Philippines, it's just that it is really true. Not all of us have these qualities but I assure you that most have this values because our parents, teachers and relatives instilled these values in us since childhood. We were thought not to value money too much. What is important to us is the relationship that we build with our families and with other people. You may notice that a lot of Filipinos go abroad, leave their families here just to earn money. That is because they want to support their parents and they want to send their children to decent schools. We really wanted to work here but currently, jobs are difficult to find. Lots of graduates, but no jobs. Tendency is we try to get jobs abroad or try to get job here with ofcourse reasonable compensation.

So if you want to have freedom from your hectic schedule and do what you enjoy most, then why not consider oursourcing in the Philippines. You will get topnotch programmers, copywriters, seo and linkbuilding expert, virtual assistants with as low as $200 to $500 full time work of your employee. REPLACE MYSELF SYSTEM will inform you on how you'll do this. CHEAP SALARY,GREAT SERVICE,LOYAL AND HONEST EMPLOYEES what more can you ask!!




Sunday, September 13, 2009


Everytime I search for online jobs, I'm always taken to a page that requires me to signup inorder to get the full details of the job. Well sad to say, later on I realize that these are just pure scam. They require you to signup so that they can include you to their email list. They will then send product offers to your email later on. They use emails as their marketing tools to sell online. Some websites are not satisfied sending you offers of their products, sometimes when they even sell their email list to people who are desperate to have their own list of emails. As a result may of us have difficulty managing the bulk of our emails because of spam emails. They are full of unnecessary product offers. But hey, it's a marketing technique! we can't blame web owners for applying those marketing techniques that earn them massive income. It's just that sometimes people look for online job that they can provide them stable income monthly and that they mean to find employers who will hire them for part time or full time job. Although marketing can really give you decent amount of income if you're really serious doing research or implementing techniques that internet marketers do, it's not all people can do. Sometimes other people prefer working for an employer because they want to be compensated at the end of the month or after the work that they do. They don't have the patient to market products and promote products online.

Since there are a lot of people who are in search of legitimate online jobs, I will take the time to list it here in my blog. You can signup free on these sites. I swear that these sites offer legitimage online job if you are really skilled online worker you can easily find a job on these sites.



Steve Ray Smith of ad-ventures4u

Steve Ray Smith is the owner of ad-ventures4u revenue sharing program. It has operated smoothly for almost a year. Members who bought ventures in there were happy for the large return of their money. A lot of them actually profited from his online advertising company. Those members referred a lot of new members who eventually upgraded after being convinced that they can double or triple their money after few months. However lately, Steve Ray Smith announced that he will stop sharing revenues to those members who already profited from ad-ventures4u. According to him, he will only share revenues to those who haven't profited from ad-ventures4u. Members were alarmed because a lot them haven't actually profited and that they have large ventures in there. When I say ventures, it was their investment.One venture is equal to 1 dollar and members have hundreds or thousands in there. It really cause a lot panic to those who have large money invested in there. Actually I myself is a pro member of ad-ventures4u and I'm glad that I did not put money that I can't afford to loose in that program. When I upgraded, I knew that this program will eventually stop sharing revenue but I did not expect that it would happen too soon. With 28% profit monthly of your total investment, I believe that it would just be a matter of time before the company could sustain the monthly payment that they will have to pay to members. I knew that the company is relying greatly from new members money who upgrades. Although there's the advertising income, I don't think that it would cover the total percent of revenues that ad-ventures4u promised to share.

As of this writing, members of ad-ventures4u were paid 20% of their total ventures. Steve Ray Smith claims that he will continue sharing revenues on his other cash4gold site. I'm not sure about the details of how he's gonna implement that sharing plan. All I know is that he's working on it. I received 20% revenue share of my money invested. I hope that I can get the other 80% plus profit soon if Steve Ray Smith is going to do what he promised. I will post an update of this later...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ad-ventures4u update

As of today members of ad-ventures4u are confused as to what the owner is trying to say. They are confuse as to what is happening. The owner steve ray smith is continuously sending emails to all members. I myself is confused about what is going on with the program. I thought that it is the last revenue sharing but then I received new email saying that it's going to continue sharing revenue from other income(I not sure what he means by this) I think he means the other gold site. I'm not even sure if I can get all my ventures/investments back but according to him, he will pay us back but he will just pay those who were not in profit. Those who are in profit won't be receiving any more payment from him. So he intends to pay or return the money of those who haven't profitted from their ventures.

If he can return all the members money back then that would be nice and he also intends to share revenues to those who are not in profit. Well if he is true to his word and do all this things then that would be beneficial to the new members who haven't profitted from the program. Atleast he's giving the new members a chance to earn from the site. He said that the revenue sharing is going private. I'm having difficulty trying to decide if i'm gonna label him a scammer or not. It remains to be seen.

It was indeed a good marketing strategy that steve ray smith used on ad-venture4u. His goal from the very beginning is to make the site rank high on search engines and he wants it to be more popular than traffic swarm. I think now the program achieved it's popularity but what I'm not sure if it can maintain that popularity since it's reputation is now going downhill. I believe he still can salvage some of it's reputation if he's going to return all the pro members money.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Ad-ventures4u turns into a scam

Ad-ventures4u turned into a scam today august 21,2009. It was a shocking news, I was disappointed with it because I'm a member of ad-ventures4u but not as disappointed as the other members who put thousands of dollars in there. Im really glad that I didn't put money in there that I can't afford to loose. I was expecting that this would happen someday but not today! I thought that it would last at least 8 months or so but well unexpected things happens all the time. I feel sorry for the members who invested a lot of money in there and I'm sure there a lot of them. I know because I've seen the venture list of members, some invested more than 10 thousand dollars in there and others have hundreds of ventures in there.

It was really lucky for me that I tried to refrain myself from putting more ventures into it because the weekly revenue sharing is really that big. A lot of members actually earned from ad-venture4u, their profit are really eye-popping. They are the one who joined the revenue sharing a year or 8 months ago. That is if they withdrawed their weekly earnings. If they did, then they already got the equivalent of their ventures out and profitted double or triple of their ventures or investments.
You see, ad-venture4u offered their members 7% weekly interest that is withdrawable weekly. If they widthrawed weekly, then they got 28% of their investment in a month. In about 3 to 4 months, they got their whole equivalent of investment and the rest of the month they get their profit of their money.. So I think they profitted a lot if they used this strategy. I believe some put in there 10 thousand or more, yes im sure coz I saw the lists of people who invested that large amount of money. When I tried to join ad-ventures4u I really knew that this wouldn't last for too long because they can't afford the 28% that they have to share to their members monthly. I knew it but I did join anyway because I really thought that it would last for a year or more. And I just wanted to earn without referring people. I really don't like referring people to earn money online and I don't know why I feel this way ever since. I only refer others to program that I think would be profitable. And I'm really happy that I didn't have any referred member by me. I I'm glad that I didn't advertise this. Well I did a bit, but it was because of the banner hits that I will get for free signup.

There were few who emailed me and inquired about it, I did answered their questions honestly. I even warned them not to put in money that they can't afford to loose because it's risky to join online program like this and I'm really really glad that I did warn them of the risk, I actually even told them that it might turn into scam later. I don't know why I did this because instead of singing praises about this program so that it would benefit me, what I did is put in a hint that its bound to fail. Now that I think about this, I feel quite proud of myself that I did this. It wasn't a good marketing strategy to discourage buyers about your products but I guess I just like being honest and that's what matters most to me.

This is the message that Ad-venture4u founder steve ray smith posted on the ad-venture4u site.

Due to secruity reason and threats to my Family,

We will be revenue sharing to all the members that request a cashout this week. I really really wanted to continue but with the current events with the scammers and the hackers and the attacks to the site I just cannot continue the revenue sharing portion of the program.

PLEASE READ ENTIRE NEWSLETTER (this will be our last revenue sharing Week)

We will be putting a cashout request on the site and please give as many payment proccessors as you can so that it will be easier for us to complete all revenue sharing payouts, .

All members that have cashed out out revenue and is in profit you will be able to keep your purchased ventures and use the product that you have purchased but will NOT Share in this last Revenue Share. The remaider of the members will be invovled in this last revenue share and will have the opp to request a cashout and share in our Revenue. We have enough revenue to make this worth your wild to collect on. We have never missed a revenue share and will not miss this one either.

If you do not request a cashout we will consider that you purchased advertising and did not intend to share in our Revenue.

This Revenue share will be the total share of more than 75% of all earnings plus 90% of all other income that has came into our program that has not been previously cashed out. We will have the cashout button on the site for several days so that all that has not shared that qualifies will have the opp to get involved in the last Revenue Share.

The site will continue to grow and we have a great place to advertise and you will see allot more products to purchase. We are better than traffic swarm and we are listed on google as number one.

We have been threatened and my family is more important to me than most will know. We Never ever said the revenue share was a set % and inorder to move other income forward I made a decision that put my family in danger and I will not tolerate that.

99% of the members understood where we were going but the small % that I am scared of I just cannot risk because we really are who we said we are and we really did intend to move us into the future.

We will not be answering scary support or answering the phone anymore until we have completed the cashout requests.

The gold site will continue and we do have a referral commission program.

How the cashout will work,

They will be a Cashout button put on the site and it will ask you for some info, please fill out as many fields as you can, You will have needed to surf to get your cashout that has not changed. All upgrades from this point that has been sent thru the mail will be returned to the sender.

Once the Revenue Share is complete that will be the final one and all earnings will have been paid out and we will end our Revenue Share portion of the site.

We cannot control the Members so please give us to Aug 4th to process all payments because if members complain to the payment proccessors and they Freeze our accounts we will not be liable for any of the cashouts and the Revenue Share monies will held by the payment processors and we will not have control and they will only pay a portion of the monies back to the members. We have never pulled monies out of the proccessors only added to them so please we will lose control of members monies and we will no longer be responsible and will end the revenue share immediatly. If this happens then all Revenue will be handled thru the payment proccessors and all members will keep the product they purchased and be able to use that product and they will rely on the payment proccessor to share the revenue. WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IF THIS HAPPENS.

I have put my heart and soul into the site and done my very best. Thanks Steve Smith

I will continue to communicate until the proccess is over so that you will not have to worry that I am not going to do what I said I was going to do. I have never ever missed a Revenue Share payout and will not miss this one either if you let me. I will tell you if members freeze the accounts and you can try and get your cashouts thru the proccessors.

****haven't seen the last revenue earnings yet, who knows this is more than my venture amount. If it is, then I would retract my statement and not label this progam ad-ventures4u scam.
Received another letter from ad-venture owner

We will be paying out the entire monies we have collected from the beginning minus the 25% and 10% of the other income to the members that are not in profit. We will not be paying any more monies to members that are already in profit.

We want this to be for the members that are not in profit, we will also be sharing the revenue from the gold site until the all members are in profit.

I hopt this helps some people. Reminder if the payment proccessor get frozen we cannot be held responsible for the earnings any longer. Thanks Steve

I can't comment anymore until I've cashed out my money.


Monday, August 24, 2009


There are a lot of free ways to earn online.
FREE.. because you don't have to pay anything to join these sites.
You can earn by clicking on ads displayed when you log in.
All you have to do is click on your ads per day.
I recommend you to join atleast 5 paid to click programs.
You can earn from these ptc by having lots of referrals. At first it can be very frustrating because you won't have any referral so you earn by yourself. Means you only earn from your clicks and most of the ptc programs only display 4-5 ads perday.
One ad you cilck is equivalent to .01 for most of the sites and your referrals click is $0.05 cent but they make it $0.01 if you upgrade. I recommend you upgrade if you get a lot of referrals but if you have only few then don't upgrade yet. If you really know how to expose your referral link you can gain lots of referrals and this means big earnings for you.

I JOIN VERY FEW PTC.. because I'm currently working full time. There are a lot of scams out there so I only join those which I think is legitimate. You can join on these sites too.. It's free to register.

Earnings Example *
You click 10 ads per day = $0.15
20 referrals click 10 ads per
day = $2.00
Your daily earnings = $2.15
Your weekly earnings = $15.05
Your monthly earnings = $64.50

This is currently one of the best ptc of today. While a lot of these programs have died these one is still very active and they pay their members regularly.
As soon as you reach $2 on your account, you can withdraw it.

This ptc is the only one that has no timer. If you click an ad then it automatically add up to your credits. What I do is I click on all adds one by one, so they'd open in different tab windows then when the trekwindow refreshes, job is done. You've been credited for all those adds then you can start closing those open tab windows. It takes me less than a minute to click on all trekpay ads. So be sure to join this.



Turn a one time payment of just $5.00 into multiple PAYOUTS at six levels of $16, $48, $144, $432, $1296 and $3888! and do this weekly, daily, even hourly from our proven six tiered 2x2 compensation plan.


Instantly earn BONUSES day in, day out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our 2x16 ACTIVITY BONUS MATRIX

» Fully Automated - Our system takes care of all the administration leaving you free to grow your business.

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» Instant Payouts - Get paid directly into your Pure2x2 account. Withdraw through AlertPay and receive your earnings within 24Hrs. No limits. No waiting for payment days. No waiting for cheques.

» Business Builder - Your own replicated website just like this one, to introduce the Pure2x2 System on your behalf. Tools to get the most out of your marketing, for tracking, cloaking, mail blasting. Automated follow ups, reminders and updates.

» Downline Builder - Plug your other programs in and explode your income. Once you've built a good customer base, you may as well use it to the fullest potential.

» Action Plan and Marketing Strategies - Don't know where to start. Follow a proven Action Plan with step by step instructions. Techniques, ideas, and resources. Prewritten advertising scripts. Prebuilt text ads, banners, squeeze pages and opt-in pages.

» The Webstore - Our huge digital library. Over 5gb of real, usable products.
Build your own PLR / Master / Resale Rights collection. Website Scripts. Software. Tools.
Buy your Double Opt-in Leads Packages, Solo Ads, Text Ads and Banner Advertising here. Not just for Pure2x2, but also for any other program you might be promoting.

» MeetPoint - Our members forum and social network. Keep in touch with your team. Meet new people. Find out what works for them. Pick up tips and ideas. Or just have fun!

» Support - From your Sponsor, your Upline, the Pure2x2 Community, and of course, the Pure2x2 Administration Team.





I've been trying to look for a way to earn online! I've searched it on google and yahoo but it's really difficult to find one. Wonder why? Lots of scams out there! they let you pay for something that's trash and of no use. They let you buy ebooks that are rewrites, well some are really good and very informative but most are just rewritten stuff and they just want to sell it as their own to profit from it...

There's also ptc (paid to click) programs. There are some good ptc's but a lot are also scams, so beware what to join. You can really earn from these ptc when you have lots of active referrals clicking on each ad everyday. I've also worked for website owner doing backlinking stuff, webresearch,web scraping and so on, but this requires lots of time and I can't manage it since I have a full time job..

then I found out that most people who are successful working online are the one's who joins affiliates and mlm programs. I've tried GDI but I dropped it after a month because I don't think I can afford to doll out the $10 monthly and I found out that a lot of people are already with GDI and others just don't want to join in a program that requires monthly payment. Besides, their hosting service is not that great, in addition the domain name you get is with an extention WS although they have an option for .com extention but with additional pricing.

There's this program that I find interesting to join.
This is a great program to earn online. NOT A SCAM.
Their script is fully automated. I like how this is built and I like the design of their system. It just cost a one time $5 to join. All you need is refer 2 people. That is a very easy thing to do. I'm confident that I can refer more people join on this program. Why, because it's an excellent program. It supports spillovers, so even if my downline can't refer, my spillovers would automatically be placed under them.
If you want to join and not be left out in this great program you can start by joining now.


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Join these social bookmarking sites to generate traffic to your websites (enables you to submit to different sites)
lister.lilisto.ocm (formerly

Additional Bookmarking site


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It's easy! You just click a link and view a website for 30 seconds or less to earn money. You can earn more by referring friends. You'll get paid up to $0.015 for each website you view and up to $0.01 for each website your referrals view. Payments are via paypal or alertpay.

Most paid to click programs today pay their members $0.01 for each clicked ad and most have only 4 to 5 ads each day for members to click. It means that they pay you 4 or 5cents of a dollar each day. For such a small amount we usually lose our interest to continue clicking on these ads. Dont underestimate these ptc sites coz it can earn you big income later when other people signed up using your referral.

Work your way to find people to signup under your link, you can easily do this because a lot of people are looking for a way to earn extra online. Convince them that doing ptc is the easiest way to earn online and this fact is really true. If people signed up under your link, say 20 of them signed up then that means an income of $60 plus a month..just imagine if you gen get more than 20 referrals that actively click each ad per day then surely you'll get more than $100 a month and that is only in one ptc site. What if you have still have other ptc program and those members of yours signed up on your other ptc program then that doubles your income. Theres a lot of (ptc) paid to click programs out there be sure to join them but choose only those legitimate site.

SIGN UP UNDER THE PTC BANNERS I'VE POSTED ON THIS SITE! you can also make your own blog like the one I've made and if you need help setting it up feel free to ask me and I will assist you in whatever way I can.

if you want to earn from these ptc without any referral, be sure sure login and click 4 ads each day on each program you join. It will take you 1 minute to 2 minute on each site. If you want to earn $1 a day on ptc by yourself, without any referral, be ready to join at least 10ptc sites and click their ads each day.. that will surely earn you reasonable amount in a month.RECOMENDED AND MUST JOIN SITES ARE NEOBUX AND TREKPAY

WHY? because it is faster and you can customize your bookmarks and the browser layout is really great. just bookmark each ptc that you join by clicking the star icon on your browser, choose edit, then under the bookmark bar,create new folder and name it ptc. Everytime that you bookmark each ptc that you join be sure to put it under that ptc folder bookmark... message me if you want more info

For speedy browsing of ads, use the tab bars on google browser, it enables you to open multiple sites in one open browser using tabs window located on top of your google chrome browser. open different sites on each tabs then login to your sites one by one then and surf ads at the same time. It will save you enormous time coz it enables you to open ads on different ptc at the same time. Just drop me a message if you need help with something ok..

Use multiple tabs in a single chrome browser. This is what your browser would look like if you follow my advice.

In this picture there are two chrome browsers open. The one with the normal size google chrome window have 14 tabs open and the one with the small size have 5 tabs open. On the first window I have all my ptc site open and the timers on all of the different ptc ads are running. On the other window I'm doing my regular surfing which is not related to ptc. After a few seconds, go back to the window where the ptc ads are open. You will noticed on each ad, you're already credited for those surf. This is the same with the other tabs open. Start closing the ad windows one by one and as you close each ad window, click on onother advertisement on each of the ptc then let few seconds pass before you check if timer has stopped already. You will do the same steps until you've clicked on all the ads. DONT WAIT ON THE TIMER.. You can leave the tabs while the timers are running. In this way, you can still do things that you want to do online. It takes me less than 10 minutes each day to surf all my ptc.
Don't forget to refer. Remember that you get credit from your referrals click each day as long as you've also clicked on the ads.




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