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Ad-ventures4u turns into a scam

Ad-ventures4u turned into a scam today august 21,2009. It was a shocking news, I was disappointed with it because I'm a member of ad-ventures4u but not as disappointed as the other members who put thousands of dollars in there. Im really glad that I didn't put money in there that I can't afford to loose. I was expecting that this would happen someday but not today! I thought that it would last at least 8 months or so but well unexpected things happens all the time. I feel sorry for the members who invested a lot of money in there and I'm sure there a lot of them. I know because I've seen the venture list of members, some invested more than 10 thousand dollars in there and others have hundreds of ventures in there.

It was really lucky for me that I tried to refrain myself from putting more ventures into it because the weekly revenue sharing is really that big. A lot of members actually earned from ad-venture4u, their profit are really eye-popping. They are the one who joined the revenue sharing a year or 8 months ago. That is if they withdrawed their weekly earnings. If they did, then they already got the equivalent of their ventures out and profitted double or triple of their ventures or investments.
You see, ad-venture4u offered their members 7% weekly interest that is withdrawable weekly. If they widthrawed weekly, then they got 28% of their investment in a month. In about 3 to 4 months, they got their whole equivalent of investment and the rest of the month they get their profit of their money.. So I think they profitted a lot if they used this strategy. I believe some put in there 10 thousand or more, yes im sure coz I saw the lists of people who invested that large amount of money. When I tried to join ad-ventures4u I really knew that this wouldn't last for too long because they can't afford the 28% that they have to share to their members monthly. I knew it but I did join anyway because I really thought that it would last for a year or more. And I just wanted to earn without referring people. I really don't like referring people to earn money online and I don't know why I feel this way ever since. I only refer others to program that I think would be profitable. And I'm really happy that I didn't have any referred member by me. I I'm glad that I didn't advertise this. Well I did a bit, but it was because of the banner hits that I will get for free signup.

There were few who emailed me and inquired about it, I did answered their questions honestly. I even warned them not to put in money that they can't afford to loose because it's risky to join online program like this and I'm really really glad that I did warn them of the risk, I actually even told them that it might turn into scam later. I don't know why I did this because instead of singing praises about this program so that it would benefit me, what I did is put in a hint that its bound to fail. Now that I think about this, I feel quite proud of myself that I did this. It wasn't a good marketing strategy to discourage buyers about your products but I guess I just like being honest and that's what matters most to me.

This is the message that Ad-venture4u founder steve ray smith posted on the ad-venture4u site.

Due to secruity reason and threats to my Family,

We will be revenue sharing to all the members that request a cashout this week. I really really wanted to continue but with the current events with the scammers and the hackers and the attacks to the site I just cannot continue the revenue sharing portion of the program.

PLEASE READ ENTIRE NEWSLETTER (this will be our last revenue sharing Week)

We will be putting a cashout request on the site and please give as many payment proccessors as you can so that it will be easier for us to complete all revenue sharing payouts, .

All members that have cashed out out revenue and is in profit you will be able to keep your purchased ventures and use the product that you have purchased but will NOT Share in this last Revenue Share. The remaider of the members will be invovled in this last revenue share and will have the opp to request a cashout and share in our Revenue. We have enough revenue to make this worth your wild to collect on. We have never missed a revenue share and will not miss this one either.

If you do not request a cashout we will consider that you purchased advertising and did not intend to share in our Revenue.

This Revenue share will be the total share of more than 75% of all earnings plus 90% of all other income that has came into our program that has not been previously cashed out. We will have the cashout button on the site for several days so that all that has not shared that qualifies will have the opp to get involved in the last Revenue Share.

The site will continue to grow and we have a great place to advertise and you will see allot more products to purchase. We are better than traffic swarm and we are listed on google as number one.

We have been threatened and my family is more important to me than most will know. We Never ever said the revenue share was a set % and inorder to move other income forward I made a decision that put my family in danger and I will not tolerate that.

99% of the members understood where we were going but the small % that I am scared of I just cannot risk because we really are who we said we are and we really did intend to move us into the future.

We will not be answering scary support or answering the phone anymore until we have completed the cashout requests.

The gold site will continue and we do have a referral commission program.

How the cashout will work,

They will be a Cashout button put on the site and it will ask you for some info, please fill out as many fields as you can, You will have needed to surf to get your cashout that has not changed. All upgrades from this point that has been sent thru the mail will be returned to the sender.

Once the Revenue Share is complete that will be the final one and all earnings will have been paid out and we will end our Revenue Share portion of the site.

We cannot control the Members so please give us to Aug 4th to process all payments because if members complain to the payment proccessors and they Freeze our accounts we will not be liable for any of the cashouts and the Revenue Share monies will held by the payment processors and we will not have control and they will only pay a portion of the monies back to the members. We have never pulled monies out of the proccessors only added to them so please we will lose control of members monies and we will no longer be responsible and will end the revenue share immediatly. If this happens then all Revenue will be handled thru the payment proccessors and all members will keep the product they purchased and be able to use that product and they will rely on the payment proccessor to share the revenue. WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE IF THIS HAPPENS.

I have put my heart and soul into the site and done my very best. Thanks Steve Smith

I will continue to communicate until the proccess is over so that you will not have to worry that I am not going to do what I said I was going to do. I have never ever missed a Revenue Share payout and will not miss this one either if you let me. I will tell you if members freeze the accounts and you can try and get your cashouts thru the proccessors.

****haven't seen the last revenue earnings yet, who knows this is more than my venture amount. If it is, then I would retract my statement and not label this progam ad-ventures4u scam.
Received another letter from ad-venture owner

We will be paying out the entire monies we have collected from the beginning minus the 25% and 10% of the other income to the members that are not in profit. We will not be paying any more monies to members that are already in profit.

We want this to be for the members that are not in profit, we will also be sharing the revenue from the gold site until the all members are in profit.

I hopt this helps some people. Reminder if the payment proccessor get frozen we cannot be held responsible for the earnings any longer. Thanks Steve

I can't comment anymore until I've cashed out my money.


Sidney September 13, 2009 at 6:52 PM  

I received $80.00 on the final cashout.So I lost $270.00 plus all the time surfing.

dailyventures December 16, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

There's no doubt that it's a scam now.He is just trying to hide it by saying that he will continue to share revenues with his new site which he calls the goldsite. I'm just fortunate that I only put in there about $50 then he paid me the 20% which is 10 and then after few months he paid me $1. After all of the surfing I've done he paid me $1 and send me a ton of his marketing mails saying that we should promote his site and to continue surfing on the ad-venture site. I just want to forget the person!

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