Thursday, April 1, 2010


SEOLINKVINE website created by Brad Callen caught my attention today because I'm familiar with his product, keywordelite tool. I clicked on his link on my email and it led me to his site He offered to grant 1 dollar for every site that is added in there and same with every site or blog that is added by people who joined under your affiliate link. One thing more is he gives you credid on every one you refer to join seolinkivine which you can then use to submit free article to authority sites. The service that the website offers look promising but what I notice is that my affiliate link is not working. When you try to click on my affiliate link it says this message.

SEOLinkVine is Temporarily Closed
to New Members

We reached our initial 100 member-limit in 15 minutes!

I'm glad that you've come to check out SEOLinkVine and our new link network and seo program. We're currently not accepting new members to the link network.

The good news is that I *will* be reopening the doors again in the very near future!

When doors open, it will be on a first-come, first serve basis... so if you want early access before anyone else, enter your name and email below so that we can notify you as soon as a time and date is set.

Following this statement is an optin page, which it ask to input your name and email.

When I click on the seolinkvine direct link, it is working and accepts new members but any referral link posted by members doesn't work. I'm led to believe that he is trying to cheat his affiliates by their comission or credit that is promised to them.

I checked with it's clickbank affiliate link and the same thing happen, it's not accepting new members under the affiliate link but instead ask you to submit your name and email to subscribe to his list.

I've also tried this with his other affiliates link and it's the same thing. I'm not sure what he's trying to do but I guess I just to post an honest review here. The service look great and I hope that Brad Callen would fix this problem with the affiliate links.  It's making people think that seolinkvine is a scam.

I will post an update as soon as this issue is fixed.

Update on april 2, 2010

Seolinkvine affiliate link is still not working as of april 2,2010.  People who visit seolinkvine site thru a seolinkvine member's affiliate link can't register as new members, instead they are submitting their name and email one the form but the seolinkvine affiliate is not credited because the affiliate link's page says it's not currently accepting new members.  I guess what the owner is trying to do is discredit the seolinkvine affiliate of any commission or credit on the visitor who is interested to join as new member.  People who are interested to join would then submit name and email on the optin form and then register later but the seolinkvine affiliate is not credited anything for this.

SEOLINKVINE gives thousands of links to your site and this is important when you are trying to improve your rank and seo to drive traffic to your site.  I have to be honest that I find this service great but I just don't like the strategy they are using to discredit seolinkvine affiliates by employing those tactics.  


Sunday, December 13, 2009

e-junkie REVIEW

e-junkie is the cheapest way to sell online because they only collect a very low fee of $5 per month, they don't get commissions on your every sales, they host your files for you so you and they send your thank you emails for you with their own secure download links. You can customize everything on your admin area. It only takes you 5 dollars a month to sell any of your products online. Different payment option for clients are available so sit back and relax while you send your digital or any products you ship yourself. Your payment is send via paypal and if you want to sell your products via affiliates then leave to e-junkie. It's what they do. Check it their great services and what they can offer you now. E-JUNKIE


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It can be very tricky to edit a wordpress theme if you don't have any idea how to code html or css. Wordpress theme is very complicated and you won't be able to customize it if you don't have any background in coding html or css but there is a way to customize the logo or image layout around your wordpress theme. The easiest way to do this is to make changes directly to the file in which the image or logo is saved. You have to name the file exactly as it was name before and make sure that the size of the image is compatible or exactly the same as the original one. You only have to change the image and not to rename the file that was originally created. Locate all the images that you want to change and make sure to edit your image in photoshop to make sure that it is exactly the same in size as the original one so that you won't have any problem with your theme being not compatible with the image size. This is the easiest way to change the logo or image header but if you are an experience coder then you can customize everything the way you want it because you can access and edit the codes on the different files that are created.


Monday, November 30, 2009


When we write our blog articles, we usually do it on microsoft word because we can customize how it looks so that we can easily read what we write. Notepad isn't that great looking because the text are just plain in size and looks and for some people who have visual impairement, that is a great problem to them. The reason that people avoid using microsoft word despite the benefit of customization is that it post a problem to the writer when it's time to upload the articles that were written. When you copy or upload the articles directly from microsoft word, it would create lots of unnecessary codes on your html editor. Sometimes this would result to errors and you won't be able to read the file correctly when viewed. There is a solutions to this, if you still want to use microsoft word in writing your articles then just do it. The trick in overcomming problems later is that before you copy the files to your html editor or to your blog platform, you have to copy the files files first to notepad. After copying the texts to your notepad then highlight the texts on your notepad then click copy. Now you are ready to paste it to your html editor. If you try to check your html file after you copy paste, you will notice that it is clean and there would be no unwanted codes that appears in there.



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