Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ad-ventures4u update

As of today members of ad-ventures4u are confused as to what the owner is trying to say. They are confuse as to what is happening. The owner steve ray smith is continuously sending emails to all members. I myself is confused about what is going on with the program. I thought that it is the last revenue sharing but then I received new email saying that it's going to continue sharing revenue from other income(I not sure what he means by this) I think he means the other gold site. I'm not even sure if I can get all my ventures/investments back but according to him, he will pay us back but he will just pay those who were not in profit. Those who are in profit won't be receiving any more payment from him. So he intends to pay or return the money of those who haven't profitted from their ventures.

If he can return all the members money back then that would be nice and he also intends to share revenues to those who are not in profit. Well if he is true to his word and do all this things then that would be beneficial to the new members who haven't profitted from the program. Atleast he's giving the new members a chance to earn from the site. He said that the revenue sharing is going private. I'm having difficulty trying to decide if i'm gonna label him a scammer or not. It remains to be seen.

It was indeed a good marketing strategy that steve ray smith used on ad-venture4u. His goal from the very beginning is to make the site rank high on search engines and he wants it to be more popular than traffic swarm. I think now the program achieved it's popularity but what I'm not sure if it can maintain that popularity since it's reputation is now going downhill. I believe he still can salvage some of it's reputation if he's going to return all the pro members money.


Eddie Gillespie September 2, 2009 at 7:21 PM  

If Steve is true to what is said to be his latest word, meaning that members who are not in profit will receive their investments back minus what we have already received back in cash-outs and still be allowed to share in the revenues from the gold site, as I understand it now ( although I could be misunderstanding as there is a lot of confusion at this time )based on the ventures that we owned before this final cash out which is supposed to be completed Friday September 4 2009, then I will have to agree that he is doing the right thing. I have what I consider to be a substantial amount of money remaining there and would very much like for the confusion to cease. Wow, that first sentence was a long one! I can say in all honesty though that while it lasted the payouts were very substantial on a percentage basis of what members had paid into the program. Admin is saying that they do not know what the payouts on the gold site revenues will be and how often it will be done and there may not be a regular schedule so it seems that they are trying to be upfront and honest in that respect.

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