Saturday, November 28, 2009

steve ray smith of ad-ventures4u is becoming a nuisance this days!

Steve Ray Smith, owner of site is becoming a nuisance. This is because he keeps delaying to share revenues with the site to his members. He would always send multiple emails that contains false promises and annoying advertisements about his new site He would always say that he would share revenues with the new site but it has been so long since he began saying that and until now members hasn't received anything from him. He would always say that members should continue to surf daily to be able to share revenues. Lots of members still surf because they want their money back. Before steve ray smith of ad-ventures4u suddenly stopped revenues, he had been assuring members that the ad-ventures4u is doing well and that pro members will continue sharing revenues but in just a blink of an eye when lots of members upgraded and invested money with that site, Steve ray smith suddenly stopped sharing claiming that he and his family had been receiving threats..but he established a new site and he is using his members at to advertise the new site with a promise that he would share revenues. He call it revenues? but truth is that he would just be returning the money of the members on intervals...if ever he fulfill his promise to share revenues.. It's so difficult to label as one of those scammers online but if you read his annoying emails I think you can't help but think that he is one of them! (SCAMMER) and he's a genious on disguising it!

There is a new site which he promotes..just like the ad-ventures4u. Beware of it


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