Thursday, September 17, 2009


After one month of blogging into this free blogger platform, I decided to take blogging seriously now. It's really fun to explore and learn how to make a blog visible to readers. I never spend so much time to this blog since I have a full time job. I work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and so I am left with very little time posting and updating my blog. I never had the time to promote but I'm really amazed that there are few who stumble to this blog. It came to me that if I spend more time blogging and promoting my site, I could drive people to atleast open this blog.

I blogged for more than a month now but I never took this seriously. I feel that if im going to be serious about blogging, then I better start getting a hosting account and domain name. I happen to know how to design a website and I also know how to install wordpress and other scripts so I think it will be very easy for me. Problem is finding the time to do it. I can't very well get a day off from my job, but I will consider working on a blog for about 2 hours or more per day. For now, I just want to share my situation and how I'm going to overcome difficulties creating and managing a new blog. I will post it in here when I am able to create my very new website. I'm going to maintain this blog on this blogger platform and continuesly post here.

If you have any comments and advice that you want to share, you're welcome to post it in here or you can email me. I appreciate people who give good advices and motivation to others.


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