Thursday, September 17, 2009


After one month of blogging into this free blogger platform, I decided to take blogging seriously now. It's really fun to explore and learn how to make a blog visible to readers. I never spend so much time to this blog since I have a full time job. I work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and so I am left with very little time posting and updating my blog. I never had the time to promote but I'm really amazed that there are few who stumble to this blog. It came to me that if I spend more time blogging and promoting my site, I could drive people to atleast open this blog.

I blogged for more than a month now but I never took this seriously. I feel that if im going to be serious about blogging, then I better start getting a hosting account and domain name. I happen to know how to design a website and I also know how to install wordpress and other scripts so I think it will be very easy for me. Problem is finding the time to do it. I can't very well get a day off from my job, but I will consider working on a blog for about 2 hours or more per day. For now, I just want to share my situation and how I'm going to overcome difficulties creating and managing a new blog. I will post it in here when I am able to create my very new website. I'm going to maintain this blog on this blogger platform and continuesly post here.

If you have any comments and advice that you want to share, you're welcome to post it in here or you can email me. I appreciate people who give good advices and motivation to others.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This program is introduced by John Jonas who currently makes 6 figures income just by outsourcing his job in the Philippines. He has hired full time employees in the Philippines to monitor his online business. He testified that he got quality services in exchange for a reasonable amount that he use to compensate his Filipino workers. I believe him when he said that Filipinos are hardworking and very loyal, that is indeed true. I'm not saying this because I'm from Philippines, it's just that it is really true. Not all of us have these qualities but I assure you that most have this values because our parents, teachers and relatives instilled these values in us since childhood. We were thought not to value money too much. What is important to us is the relationship that we build with our families and with other people. You may notice that a lot of Filipinos go abroad, leave their families here just to earn money. That is because they want to support their parents and they want to send their children to decent schools. We really wanted to work here but currently, jobs are difficult to find. Lots of graduates, but no jobs. Tendency is we try to get jobs abroad or try to get job here with ofcourse reasonable compensation.

So if you want to have freedom from your hectic schedule and do what you enjoy most, then why not consider oursourcing in the Philippines. You will get topnotch programmers, copywriters, seo and linkbuilding expert, virtual assistants with as low as $200 to $500 full time work of your employee. REPLACE MYSELF SYSTEM will inform you on how you'll do this. CHEAP SALARY,GREAT SERVICE,LOYAL AND HONEST EMPLOYEES what more can you ask!!




Sunday, September 13, 2009


Everytime I search for online jobs, I'm always taken to a page that requires me to signup inorder to get the full details of the job. Well sad to say, later on I realize that these are just pure scam. They require you to signup so that they can include you to their email list. They will then send product offers to your email later on. They use emails as their marketing tools to sell online. Some websites are not satisfied sending you offers of their products, sometimes when they even sell their email list to people who are desperate to have their own list of emails. As a result may of us have difficulty managing the bulk of our emails because of spam emails. They are full of unnecessary product offers. But hey, it's a marketing technique! we can't blame web owners for applying those marketing techniques that earn them massive income. It's just that sometimes people look for online job that they can provide them stable income monthly and that they mean to find employers who will hire them for part time or full time job. Although marketing can really give you decent amount of income if you're really serious doing research or implementing techniques that internet marketers do, it's not all people can do. Sometimes other people prefer working for an employer because they want to be compensated at the end of the month or after the work that they do. They don't have the patient to market products and promote products online.

Since there are a lot of people who are in search of legitimate online jobs, I will take the time to list it here in my blog. You can signup free on these sites. I swear that these sites offer legitimage online job if you are really skilled online worker you can easily find a job on these sites.



Steve Ray Smith of ad-ventures4u

Steve Ray Smith is the owner of ad-ventures4u revenue sharing program. It has operated smoothly for almost a year. Members who bought ventures in there were happy for the large return of their money. A lot of them actually profited from his online advertising company. Those members referred a lot of new members who eventually upgraded after being convinced that they can double or triple their money after few months. However lately, Steve Ray Smith announced that he will stop sharing revenues to those members who already profited from ad-ventures4u. According to him, he will only share revenues to those who haven't profited from ad-ventures4u. Members were alarmed because a lot them haven't actually profited and that they have large ventures in there. When I say ventures, it was their investment.One venture is equal to 1 dollar and members have hundreds or thousands in there. It really cause a lot panic to those who have large money invested in there. Actually I myself is a pro member of ad-ventures4u and I'm glad that I did not put money that I can't afford to loose in that program. When I upgraded, I knew that this program will eventually stop sharing revenue but I did not expect that it would happen too soon. With 28% profit monthly of your total investment, I believe that it would just be a matter of time before the company could sustain the monthly payment that they will have to pay to members. I knew that the company is relying greatly from new members money who upgrades. Although there's the advertising income, I don't think that it would cover the total percent of revenues that ad-ventures4u promised to share.

As of this writing, members of ad-ventures4u were paid 20% of their total ventures. Steve Ray Smith claims that he will continue sharing revenues on his other cash4gold site. I'm not sure about the details of how he's gonna implement that sharing plan. All I know is that he's working on it. I received 20% revenue share of my money invested. I hope that I can get the other 80% plus profit soon if Steve Ray Smith is going to do what he promised. I will post an update of this later...



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